Free spins no deposit UK – What are they?

Free spins in one of the strategies that UK online casinos implement to win the loyalty of players. Like land-based casino owners, where owners try to pamper the customer with free drinks and snacks, in online casinos, they seek to hook the clientele with free games, bonuses and casino promotions. In the UK there are a lot of fans of slot machines and, in online casinos, you will find an infinite variety of designs and themes for this game. For instance, if you are also a soccer fan, you will also find machines that combine both hobbies, so you will feel that your luck comes hand in hand with the best soccer players.

Our Favorite Casinos

Rating Bonus
50 Freespins on 1st. deposit Win now!
50£ Bonus + 50 Extra spins Win now!
100% Bonus up to 100£ Win now!
100% Bonus up to 100£ Win now!
100% Bonus up to 300£ Win now!

So how can you be loyal to one casino with so many options out there? Well, that’s where free spins enter into action. In short, free spins are gifts that casinos give to the first visitors (in the form of a welcome bonus) or regular visitors to win their sympathy and preference over the other options. Depending on the casino and the player’s relationship with it, you will receive one or another type of free spins bonus (this also applies to other games like blackjack, if you want to know more visit

The most common is where they give the player spins only for training in the game, but that in the end will not result in any economic benefit. This type of bonuses allows people who are not familiar with a certain slot machine, to know it in detail without spending their money. These free spins are one of the best casino bonus because the best way to know a game is by playing it, but if you also don’t have to spend your money, much better!

Free spins UK – How to find them

Free spins are easy to find in most of the best UK online casinos because as and reports, these promotions are one of the most looked after promotions by players. One of the easiest ways to get some of these free spins in your pocket would be to create a new player account, but there are endless different ways to find free spins at online casinos. If you are aware of the launch of a new slot machine, the best thing you can do is visit the websites of your favourite online casinos to see if they have launched a promotion in this regard. Sometimes they run some campaigns that reward free spins. In these promotions, you can receive free spins daily on some specific games, like other online slots, sometimes without having to make deposits. Normally, these campaigns are usually done in special times, such as for Christmas, Halloween or some special events.

Return requirements

Even though with free spins there is an opportunity to win real money, there are certain conditions that apply in each case. For example, some casinos only allow the proceeds from free bonuses to be used solely to play other games. There are those that apply certain conditions where receiving real money from the bonus is much more difficult, since they indicate to the player that the totality of the winnings from the free spins must be played and in a single bet. If that bet is won, then the bonus will be converted to real money, otherwise it will have been just a fantasy.

Other online casinos place limitations on the minimum time that must pass before collecting the real money, and also establish the minimum amount of bets that must be made before seeing the money in your pocket. In short, remember that online casinos are business and that their owners are looking for a way to find more and more customers, but this does not mean that they will spoil you enough to give away the money. At and you can find more information about this and other topics.

How to benefit from free spins?

One of the strategies used by seasoned the best online slots players is to visit casino review pages such as to have as much information as possible at hand before making a decision on which online casino to play at. Sites like have tables where it is easy to find out about the withdrawal conditions, number of spins awarded, conditions that apply to play, etc. In this way, the player saves himself the inconvenience of having to visit hundreds of online casinos individually to determine the best option.

Another way to make the final decision is to read the reviews that other players have left. This way you will know if others have been disappointed in the fake offers of online casinos, or if they really turn out to be as fantastic as they advertise it.

Final considerations

Slot bonuses are one of the most common and easy no deposit casino bonus types to find at online casinos. Its main attraction is that players can try certain free slots for free, and still win real money (or bonus money). In the case of no deposit-slots, they will give new players a chance to see the casino in action before parting with their money. Slot bonuses are also a great way to discover new games that we might otherwise miss. However, free spins bonuses have their limitations:

  • Players are restricted in choosing the game.
  • The value of each free spin is usually small.

If a player had to choose between a bonus with bonus money or free spins, the format of the former will always be much more flexible. With the bonus money, the player can bet on most of the slots available in the casino’s portfolio and often with bets that far exceed the minimum of the lowest value spin (although it is often capped at turn). Free Spins bonuses are fun but don’t expect to win a substantial amount of money from them unless you can find the premium variety.

Finally, some of the best free spins are super and mega spins. Normal Free Spins are generally played at the lowest stake available on the slot you have been awarded. The super and mega spins are for “big players”. In this category of free spins, this is probably where you will get the most bang for your buck because they have the most value. You can know more about the type of slot machines out there at

But once again, it will depend on the casino and the value they want to give to the free spins, although they will always be above £0.20. Since a higher stake carries a higher risk for the casino, these free rounds are unusual, generally reserved to reward VIP players as a form of high roller bonus, especially if they are free spins with no wagering requirements.