Casino bonus no deposit

Here you can find all about the cashback bonuses. Have you had a bad streak in the best online slots? Do not worry because with this type of bonuses you will recover part of the lost money so that you can continue playing. There are several types of cashback bonuses depending on the time period they cover: daily cashback bonuses, weekly cashback bonuses, or monthly cashback bonuses. As the name suggests, cashback bonuses are one of the best casino bonus because it returns to the player, part of their money if they lose. This is usually a percentage of the money wagered during a day, a week or a month (hence the different types of cashback bonuses).

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Therefore, this type of bonus works as a kind of consolation prize with which the player can always continue betting despite having gone through a bad streak in the game. However, in the event that a player wins, they will not receive any type of bonus, so this type of bonus should be considered as insurance to use in case of losses. This is the exact opposite of other bonuses like the free spins bonus, where the player is rewarded for winning.

How do cash back bonuses work?

We will use a practical example to explain how this type of bond works. Let’s say a 10% cashback bonus on the losses that a player has at the casino. Let’s also assume that this bonus is only active from Monday to Wednesday. Well, if during the days of the promotion a player has bet £200 playing the slots and you have lost them, the casino will return 10% of their losses so that they can continue playing, that is, £20.

It is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of the voucher in question to be informed of all the details; has great information in this regard, but in any case, we recommend that you always pay attention to the following aspects:

  • What is the maximum amount you can receive as a refund?
  • Is the refund given in the form of real money or a bonus?
  • If the refund is in the form of a bonus, what wagering requirements are you subject to?

What are daily cashback bonuses?

Daily Cashback Bonuses are short-term promotions, as they are only available for a specific day. It is a type of bonus with which you will receive a percentage of the losses you have had during the day. For example, this would be the case for a cashback voucher that is available only on Mondays. In this way, users are encouraged to enjoy their favorite games during the first day of the week. This type of bonus is not usually associated with a very high percentage, although this is not why we should underestimate it. Cashback bonuses give us a second chance to try our luck again.

What are weekly payback bonuses?

The weekly cashback bonuses work exactly the same as the daily cashback bonuses, the only difference is that in the first case you will be returned a percentage of the money wagered and lost for a whole week, while in the second case it will be only the money staked for a day. In other words, if throughout the week you have bet 500 pounds, with a weekly 10% return bonus you will receive £50 to continue betting. Always check the conditions of the voucher on the web, as the maximum amount they can offer is usually indicated.

What are monthly cashback bonuses?

If you already know and also like the daily and weekly return bonuses, it is very likely that you also enjoy the monthly return bonuses. These are bonuses of the same type but which cover a much longer period of time. In this case, you will receive a percentage of the sum wagered and lost at the casino for a whole month. The monthly payback bonuses can be seen as a type of rewards program. Always check the conditions of each voucher on the web to be informed of the maximum amount you can receive with each voucher.